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App Development

I am currently developing a couple of Windows Phone 8 apps, and then looking to port them to Windows 8 (Metro) and, possibly, Android (using Xamarin).


I am available for contracting work

ASP.Net development is my strongest skill. I prefer a strong separation of concerns, using HTML (5) and Javascript for the front-end of websites, utilising jQuery to make AJAX calls to the back-end, usually running ASP.Net Web API / Web Services / WCF to retrieve data from the database.

I'm especially interested in Single Page Applications (such as GMail), where the web page is loaded once, then all updates are performed using AJAX calls to the back-end. They can make for a much smoother user experience. I currently prefer to use Knockout.js to bind the data to the UI.

I have worked on all stages of projects, from requirement gathering from clients, to spec'ing systems up, designing them and finally building them. I have also worked on developments in the latter stages of development. I am a quick learner, so am fully capable of getting up to speed quickly with a system/codebase.


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I wrote my first web site in 1995, using the original CERN HTTP Daemon, tested on Mosaic and Netscape Navigator 0.4 (I think!). I got caught out by the dot com crash, so went back to University to learn programming. Having learnt Java, and coming from an ASP background, I then taught myself C#, and got into ASP.Net development.

I am a proficient C# developer for back-end servers, and Javascript / HTML on the front-end. And whilst I am no DBA, I am perfectly comfortable producing databases (mainly SQL Server and MySQL) for web sites to run on.

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You can get in touch via Twitter: @TacticsGorilla
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